Commercial batteries are becoming more and more viable with the introduction of new technology and lowering of costs for larger-scale batteries. Businesses are utilising Battery & PV union for peak shaving of loads & reduction of Peak Energy demand charges.

Our Projects

Macquarie Energy have completed this awesome Battery Hybrid system in Dubbo Nsw. The system comprising of 16kw of Jinko PV modules over the Goodwe 15kw Hybrid Inverter.

The Goodwe Lynx Batteries were used as the battery bank with the customer also enjoying Power in blackout conditions through the inverters UPS back up supply from the battery in times of Grid Failure.

Macquarie Energy energy installed this monster Battery hybrid system in Parkes NSW. Using 19kw of Jinko 475w Modules over two Goodwe 10kw Hybrid battery inverters.

Two 16kwh Goodwe Lynx Battery stacks were installed along with two sets of UPS back up circuits to provide power to the home in times of Grid Failure.

Macquarie Energy was directly engaged by NSW National Parks & Wildlife to install Solar and battery systems across several stations & workshops throughout western NSW. Trina Vertex PV modules, Fronius Gen24 inverters & BYD batteries were used to complete this project.

National Parks & Wildlife staff now have power when the grid Is out. Macquarie Energy was able to install these projects across multiple remote sites easily & efficiently.

Semi Hybrid Off-Grid PV System

Our customer in Burren Junction, Rural Western NSW Approached Macquarie Energy with two outcomes he wanted to achieve by Moving forward with Renewable energy. One; to have grid stability due the more than frequent power outages. Two; to drastically reduce the cost of his energy bills.  

Macquarie Energy carefully selected products that would easily  tick off these two outcomes. With The New Deye hybrid inverter & Pylontech batteries. We achieved close to 100% coverage of the energy consumption onsite. Also during grid outages the home is un affected with power remaining on from the Battery and inverter.

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